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Resources from TESOL  2011

Page history last edited by Cristin Boyd 11 years, 10 months ago

Thanks to those of you who made my workshop at TESOL so successful!  I hope you can use these resources in your own classes.  Please let me know how and what is working, not working, you amended, etc.  I am always on the prowl for new means of teaching and helping students with paraphrasing and summarizing!


If you have ANY questions or concerns, please email me superteach@cristinanderic.com.  


If you did attend the whole presentation, please start with the PowerPoint.  A fundamental part of success with these resources is understanding the underlying philosopy!  


Thanks!  Cristin



This is the powerpoint presentation.


What Good Readers Do 

a review of advanced reading skills 

Paraphrase Well2011.doc

steps for paraphrasing 


contexts for magazine blurbs 


This is the student handout/list of contexts for use with magazine blurbs activity


Below paraphrase on the run resources










This is a link the the current mag  However, you can search Google for name of magazine + debate and a whole bunch of articles will show up.   



This is an extended handout on summarizing.  It is an earlier version, so apply the paraphrase well steps to the process! 





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